candle light dinner kasi laging brownout.

ang sweet

good morning. good bye. talk to you later.

"‎”SORRY” is just a word without meaning. The true meaning of “sorry” is on what you do and how you act when you say it, you must prove it."

“His head turns fractionally toward me, his eyes darkest slate. I bite my lip. “Oh, fuck the paperwork,” he growls. He lunges at me, pushing me against the wall of the elevator. Before I know it, he’s got both of my hands in one of his in a vice-like grip above my head, and he’s pinning me to the wall using his hips. Holy shit. His other hand grabs my ponytail and yanks down, bringing my face up, and his lips are on mine. It’s only just not painful. I moan into his mouth, giving his tongue an opening. He takes full advantage, his tongue expertly exploring my mouth. I have never been kissed like this.




Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

Ena goosebumps sa kanta ha. Solid. 

This is my fantasy. Really.

damn u anastasia

the crazy in love song seduced me more

the week that was 1: at gutpoint

last monday, coming home from work, may 2 guys na nagaaway while I was waiting for the tryke to leave. i was drowsy and sleepy pero nagising ang diwa ko nung narinig na “anong gusto mo, itong kahoy (yung upuan sa front ng tryke) o .45) shit! may magbabarilan pa sa harap ko. jusko baka pati ako madamay. buti na lang nagdecide yung guy na umalis na. pero dun sya sumakay sa tryke with me. fuck. buti di sya biglang binaril kasi baka nadamay ako

lalake daw pero naka doll eyes

baka manika. ahaahaha

masarap magmahal ng totoo


im just an asshole with feelings